Upcoming Events


September 20, 2023

Wangfei Yang's thesis defense will take place in BRC 1060 at 2:00pm.

Title: Data-driven Construction of Coarse-grained Protein Models

"With the rapid development of computational power over the past few decades, computational simulation has grown increasingly important in protein-related research due to its high resolution and predictability."

Attend defense on Zoom at:


July 17, 2023

Xiaoyu (Helen) Lu's thesis defense will take place in BRC 284 at 1:00pm.

"A fundamental goal of neuroscience is to decipher the neural activities underlying behaviors in vivo."

Attend defense on Zoom at: https://bcm.zoom.us/j/8596782456

July 25, 2023

Prashant Bharadwaj Kalvapalle's thesis defense

"Microorganisms form the bedrock of key ecological processes that make the Earth habitable."

Attend defense on Zoom at: https://riceuniversity.zoom.us/j/97609017397?