Baylor Superfund Program photo
Rice faculty part of Baylor Superfund program

SARS-CoV-2 viral particle
Rice researchers look to 'trap and zap' coronavirus

Photo of sickle cell disease therapy story
Rice wins federal grant to advance sickle cell disease therapy

photo of hidden symmetry story
Hidden symmetry found in chemical kinetic equations

photo of story
Rice student mentors switch gears, go online

article photo

photo of the story
PulseCam peeks below skin to map blood flow

article photo

photo of the story
Rice chemist wins grant to simplify drug design

article photo

photo of article
Rice establishes COVID-19 research fund

As part of its coordinated effort to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, Rice University has established a research accelerator fund to support research projects intended to help end and recover from the

article photo
Rice researchers: Help us understand COVID-19’s impact

Rice researchers have launched two online surveys -- and the COVID-19 Registry -- to find out how the pandemic is impacting lives.


photo of the story
Actin ‘avalanches’ may make memories stick

Avalanches in branched actomyosin networks are one possible mechanism by which the brain’s neurons preserve memories. A new study models these seismic events.

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