IBB Technical Seminar

On Thursday, Sept 28 at 12 noon in BRC 280, Joel Silfies, Nikon’s National Manager for Biosystems Applications, will give a special lecture that is open to all Rice faculty and students. This will be a great opportunity to learn about their latest and greatest microscopy systems (two photon, super-resolution, etc.) as well as a bit about Nikon's Center of Excellence facilities which are located around the world at several institutions. Nikon has expressed a strong interest in establishing a Center of Excellence at Rice (as well the TMC) which could have a number of tangible benefits for those interested in bioscience/bioengineering and/or bio-nanomaterial research. Please let me know if you’ll be able to attend!

The Field of Microscopy has been undergoing a rapid evolution, and emerging microscopy techniques as well as refinement of established techniques have enabled researchers to push the boundaries of research further than ever beforethrough sweeping advances in resolution in multiple dimensions, new modalities, and image data processing and handling. This seminar will illuminate cutting-edge microscopy techniques and adaptations of existing techniques using new hardware and software technology, novel imaging techniques, visualization methodology, experimental design, and data handling and analysis presented by the Senior Biosystems Application Manager from Nikon Instruments, Inc. New techniques and applications are presented with corresponding visualization and data formats, followed by a facilitated Q&A exploring a campus-wide vision for cutting-edge microscopy, and what is needed to keep at the forefront of the research methodology.

tech flyer photo