High School Programs

For over twenty-two years now, the IBB summer high school programs have been extremely influential for the more than 400 students who have attended them. The IBB Summer Academy for High School Students is a joint effort between Rice University and the South Texas Independent School District to provide enhancement opportunities for the Science Academy of South Texas (SAST). The Girls STEM Initiative (GSI) began in the summer of 2013, and is an extensive preparatory program designed to immerse economically disadvantaged female high school rising sophomores in biomedical research, and provide them with a solid foundation for college study. Currently the GSI exists as a joint effort between Rice University and Houston ISD's César Chávez High School.


Please note that the IBB at Rice University has exlusive partnerships with both César Chávez High School and The Science Academy of South Texas for these summer internships.

Other students seeking Rice University K-12 programs should visit the Rice Office of STEM Engagement.