GSI Message from Faculty Founder

The Rice IBB Girls STEM Initiative is an innovative university engagement program that is designed to address STEM pipeline inequities through transformative means. I am very proud of the hard work of Rice University faculty, students, and staff who, with their partners at Chavez High School, have created opportunities for upward mobility and access to a better life through education. By matching high school students with mentors and advisors who can supplement the education that they are already receiving with guidance, inspiration, research experiences, and real-life insight, the GSI is creating lifelong learners who fully understand their possibilities and the milestones that they must reach on the road to their goals.

Shamoo photo

Rice University is committed to the strength and prosperity of the Houston community and the GSI is producing confident young women who are the future STEM leaders in our region. We seek to serve as a partner and a resource to students, teachers, parents and policy makers throughout Houston ISD who are on the front lines of the efforts to find solutions to our science, technology, engineering, and mathematics training needs. Our faculty and staff are constantly looking for new ways to connect with education, industry, community and governmental leaders to craft new opportunities for meaningful engagement. If you would like to work with us, please do not hesitate to contact our Office of STEM Engagement or the Girls STEM Initiative directly. Thank you for your interest in the GSI and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Yousif Shamoo, Ph.D.
Rice University
Vice Provost for Research
Professor, Department of BioSciences