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HHMI 2010 Summer Undergraduate Program for Bionanotechnology

This program has expired and is no longer active.

Due to additional funding, the IBB HHMI Summer Undergraduate Program for Bionanotechnology was extended through August 2011.

This Institute hosted the HHMI-funded summer undergraduate internship in bionanotechnology for engineering and the physical sciences. The goal of this program was to expose students to modern biology. The program dates for 2011 were 5/31-8/5.

The summer 2010 undergraduate program featured: an intensive biology lecture and laboratory course teaching cell culture, basic molecular biology, and protein biochemistry; cutting-edge research in bionanotechnology; special seminars and career development workshops; and competitive stipends, travel assistance and on-campus housing.

Some examples of ongoing bionanotechnology research in the summer HHMI program included: photothermal ablation of tumors using near infrared-absorbing nanoparticles, cellular and molecular imaging using nanoparticle contrast agents, monitoring gene expression in vivo using nanoprobes, biomimetic nanofibrous scaffolds for tissue engineering, and nanomechanical studies of motor proteins. Click here for more details on HHMI Professor Jennifer West's Bionanotechnology Research. Also available for view: the 2009 Bionanotechnology Newsletter; the 2010 HHMI Bionanotechnology Class Notes; and the 2007 Bionanotechnology Newsletter written by Rice's BIOE 112 class.

Following an intensive introduction to biology concepts and laboratory practices, students applied their new knowledge as they engaged in interdisciplinary research in bionanotechnology. Opportunities in laboratories were matched to each student depending on his/her interests.2011 Summer Interns

Applicants to this program MUST have graduated high school and MUST have been currently enrolled as a fulltime university undergraduate during the time of their internship.

Dr. Jennifer West is pictured here with both the 2011 HHMI Bionanotechnology and NSF REU Cellular Engineering Summer Interns. Click here for specifics on the students participating as the 2011 HHMI Summer Interns. The previous 2010 Summer Schedule is available for viewing. Additionally, the HHMI 2010 Brochure  and  2010 FAQs offer information regarding this expired program. The HHMI Bionanotechnology Photo Gallery contains photos of the program's activities during the internship (current and prior years).

This material was based upon work supported by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute under Grant No. HHMI 52005732. Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material were those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.